About Us

Since 1994, RaiseUp Families has made the goal of uninterrupted education in a child’s learning the focus of its mission to strengthen families.  We believe that equipped with the right tools, guidance and resources, families are empowered to overcome obstacles and discover their true potential for a future that might not otherwise be possible.

Mission & Core Values

Our Mission: RaiseUp Families provides extensive case management to strengthen families and ensure childhood learning.

The Vision:  Families across Greater Houston are stable, strong and their children are excelling in school.

Who We Help

Clients of RaiseUp Families are struggling to keep a roof over their heads, even facing the possibility of homelessness because of unexpected circumstances. Currently, the organization serves families with school age children throughout  the Greater Houston area.

While launched in West Houston area schools, the organization’s model of strengthening families to ensure childhood learning has the potential to benefit communities throughout Houston and Texas, where more than 100,000 youth are estimated to be facing homelessness.