Please join us in celebrating our ’21 – ’22 Graduates 


RaiseUp Families and the Houston Open
Help ensure childhood learning today with your gift!


“Birdies for Charity” is in its second year benefiting charities right here in Houston and RaiseUp Families is one of the lucky organizations selected to benefit from this ingenious program.  100% of donations made through our donation link come directly back to our program.

Raising Friends

The 6 charities that raise the most money through Birdies for Charity will be invited to host a booth for one day at the Houston Open.  This opportunity would allow us to share the amazing work we are doing with a whole new audience and draw in new supporters.

Raising Funds

The top 15 charities who raise the most money will be eligible for a meaningful donation from the Astros Golf Foundation

1st Place – $25,000
2nd Place – $15,000
3rd Place – $10,000

Our Graduation Celebration was a huge success thanks to our DONORS and our CLIENTS.

CLICK HERE to watch a clip of our program 

Our JOURNEY event with Keynote Speaker Jon Sanchez was a tremendous success!

Thank you to everyone who tuned in, shared our event with others, and to all those who supported us so generously.  We are excited to share this JOURNEY  of STRENGTH, RESILIENCY and EMPOWERMENT with you!


Families First Campaign 

Now, more than ever we need your help!  Our call volume has tripled over the past few months and we don’t expect it to go down any time soon.  Houston has been one of the hardest hit areas in our country and we’re working hard to assist as many families as possible.  It costs $8500 to completely stabilize a family and break negative cycles and habits that form over generations.  Of course we are not asking for the entire $8500 from you, as an individual but with just $25 or $50 combined with the generous support of others like you, will help us keep a family in their home.  It will lay the foundation for educational success for the children in the home and give them opportunities they may never have dreamed possible.  Please consider joining FAMILIES FIRST today and forever change a life!