Message from the Executive Director

“If it were easy, everyone would do it.”  We have all heard these words during our lives and they may feel truer today than ever.  It seems like nothing we do is easy anymore.  Whether buying groceries or attempting to seeing friends and family, our lives have new levels of complications.

Over the course of the last several months I have watched as the call volume of people in need of rental assistance skyrocketed.  While our client intake is also on the rise, we still refer out about 90% of our callers.

Why?  Because the 9-Month Hand Up program is not easy.  It asks people to fundamentally change the way they look at their lives and their money.  And no one likes change.  If change were easy, everyone would do it.

I have had the privilege to meet every new client who has come through our doors since assuming the role of Executive Director in May.  I am in awe of our clients’ discipline and our staff’s dedication to breaking negative cycles and creating new, healthy habits.  Our families leave their first meeting knowing that if they want something they have never had, they must be willing to do something they have never done.

None of this work would be possible without you, our faithful donor.  These past months have not been easy for anyone, and yet you continue to do what you can to support RaiseUp Families.   Your faith in our community, our families, and our organization are a true testament to your own dedication and discipline in making our world a better place.

RaiseUp Families is 100% privately funded by good people like you who believe in raising people up.  I could not be prouder to share this past year’s accomplishments with you and I look forward to witnessing the many strides our clients will make in the year to come alongside you.

Thank you for the critical role you play in changing lives for generations to come.

With deepest gratitude,
Angela M. Burgess