Our Impact

RaiseUp Families is 100% privately funded.  Because we are a 9-Month HandUp program, we are constantly having families entering and graduating from our program at different times.  During our most recent fiscal year, we served 42 families and had 26 families (38 adults, 62 children) successfully graduate with the remaining families on pace to graduate in the coming months.

46 of our clients participated in job search, career development and professional skills training.  46% of the families were employed full time when they joined our program and 9 months later 72% had full time employment with 35% of our clients having an increase in their income.

We are so proud of the work our organization is doing and even more proud of the effort our clients are making to create stability for their families future.

To read our full 2019-2020 Impact Report CLICK HERE

Benefits of an Uninterrupted Education

Repeatedly changing schools impairs a child’s education and social development through disrupted instruction and broken relationships with both teachers and classmates. The coaching RaiseUp Families provides not only helps clients achieve financial stability; it ensures the stability of a child’s learning experience.
In the last five years alone, RaiseUp Families’ approach to achieving family stability in support of a child’s education has realized impressive results, with 100 percent of students remaining at the same school.

Proven Outcomes

Families who complete our comprehensive 9-Month HandUp program experienced an average 43 percent increase in income with 100 percent maintaining stable housing at their one-year anniversary. This success benefits both families and the community through reduced dependence on safety-net programs and positive modeling for children that breaks the cycle of financial instability for future generations.

Learn More About Our Clients

We are thrilled to share stories highlighting the impact RaiseUp Families has made in our community.  We are constantly amazed at the perseverance our clients have to create a more stable environment for their families.  Because of the support of our donors, we are able to assist families in breaking negative cycles and creating healthy habits.  Check back often to read up on the success of our clients.     CLICK TO READ THEIR STORIES