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We help parents experiencing financial hardship provide a stable home and education for their children.

Because no family should ever experience homelessness and every child deserves the opportunity for a brighter future.

We help parents experiencing financial hardship provide a stable home and education for their children.

Because no family should ever experience homelessness and every child deserves the opportunity for a brighter future.

RaiseUp Families has provided financial assistance in Houston while empowering parents of school-aged children to become self-sufficient.

Graduation rate
Full-time employment
Average increase in income*
New mean household income for graduating families (up from $24,653)*
*All numbers reflect FY 2021-2022, except income increase, which is YTD FY 2023
Our Impact

When a parent experiences financial hardship, people forget that children feel it too.

The anxiety worsens when the family is on the edge of homelessness.
Consequences of homelessness are that children:
Experience a disruption in their education
Lose out on crucial stages of development, including forming social bonds with their peers
Are forced to grow up too fast
Over 86,000 children in Houston are on the edge of homelessness annually
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Financial Support Programs We Offer in Houston

Our programs focus on long-term impact to help families become financially independent.
HandUp Program
Direct financial assistance
Job-search assistance
Support for parents and children
More About HandUp Program
AfterCare Program
Two years of support after graduating HandUp Program
Continuing job support
More About AfterCare Program

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Your generosity sustains our work, so we can continue to provide financial assistance and training for families.
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Investing in a family’s life with your time and encouragement gives them hope that change is possible.


Sharing about RaiseUp Families through social media or word of mouth increases the community caring for families in need.

Ensuring a Brighter Future in Houston for Generations to Come

Since 1994 RaiseUp Families has been preventing homelessness by providing financial assistance to parents of school aged children in the Greater Houston area while helping them attain higher income jobs and teaching invaluable budgeting skills. This leads parents to become self-sufficient - prepared for future financial challenges where they will not have to utilize social services again. Our relational and individualized care gives parents the training and confidence to realize a better future for their children.

This better future starts with allowing a child to focus on their education instead of worrying about financial stresses at home. An education is the one gift that, once given, can never be taken away. It opens up opportunities that the undereducated simply do not have and ensures a brighter future for generations to come.

Our team consists of highly motivated and skilled specialists who know how to deal with any issue that you may come across. This includes providing financial assistance and counseling, budgeting classes, rental assistance, and other financial support programs. This creates a basis for lasting relationships with our clients built on trust and mutual understanding. We are devoted to creating unique and innovative financial solutions to residents of Houston along with the high-quality supporting services.
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The impact is real. See how your support makes a difference in the lives of parents and children across Houston.
  • "We were expecting a baby when my husband was let go from his job. We were going to lose our house but by the grace of God we found RaiseUp Families. They helped us a lot and if it wasn’t for the program we would have lost everything. We thank you with all of our hearts."
    Luis and Eloisa Bustamante
  • "The most helpful program within the RaiseUp Families was the monthly peer groups. Just hearing other stories and being able to voice our own stories really helped to get through day to day life."
    Melanie Holliday
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  • "I got out of debt. I have a vehicle now. I moved to a really nice place. Thank you very very much. I really appreciate everything y’all have done for me."
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  • "The rental assistance program helped us the most because it allowed us to stay here in our home when me and my husband were both recovering from COVID. And the second best was the budget part of the program which allowed us to gain tools on how to manage our money properly."
    Mariela Zapata-Ramirez
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your financial assistance application work?
Find out if you qualify and fill out our online application form here:https://raiseupfamilies.org/help/
Are you a homeless shelter?
No, we are not a homeless shelter. However, we prevent homelessness by providing financial assistance coupled with educational classes which helps stabilize families for the long run.
Do you offer financial programs to areas outside of Houston?
At this time, we only provide financial assistance to families in the Greater Houston area.
Does RaiseUp Families use federal and state funds or is it 100% privately funded?
RaiseUp Families is 100% privately funded. You can see the breakdown here:https://raiseupfamilies.org/about/financials/
Who is eligible for RaiseUp Families assistance?
Parents of school-aged children who meet the qualifications listed here:https://raiseupfamilies.org/help/
How do I sign up for budgeting classes and training?
First, you will need to apply for our HandUp program, through which you get access to the budgeting classes and other financial support programs.
If I give to RaiseUp Families, where does my gift go?
Your generosity goes toward sustaining the long-term impact RaiseUp Families has on families. You are supporting the programs that directly make an impact on a child’s future and generations to come.
Helping parents achieve self-sufficiency so they can lead their kids to a brighter future!
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