Our JOURNEY event on October 21st was a tremendous success!
Thank you to everyone who tuned in, shared our event with others, and to all those who supported us so generously.

In case you missed it, JOURNEY is now available on our YouTube channel. 

RaiseUp Families is Here to Help


Since 1994, RaiseUp Families has made the goal of uninterrupted education in a child’s learning the focus of its mission to strengthen families.  Formerly known as Westside Homeless Prevention, our extensive case management program helps families achieve both financial stability and stability in their child’s learning experience.

RaiseUp Families assists parents of school-age children to overcome obstacles through personalized case management.  Participating families are required to accept an active role in accomplishing their goals, with the support of case managers who bring exceptional skill and a determines passion to their work.

With the right tools, guidance and resources, the parents we help are able to raise up their family, ensuring both a stable home and stronger future.

RaiseUp Families Works


In the last five years alone, RaiseUp Families’ approach to achieving family stability in support of a child’s education has realized impressive results. 100 percent of students have remained at the same school and 93% of families remained in permanent housing one year after completion of the program.

Your thoughtful donation towards strengthening a family is gratefully appreciated

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