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When you are used to living paycheck to paycheck, an unexpected financial hardship such as job loss, medical or car repair bills, or a high interest loan can send you into a downward spiral that is nearly impossible to recover from. You want to be able to provide a stable home for your children, but the stress of not being able to pay your rent is too much to bear.

We believe no family should ever experience homelessness. You deserve more. Your children deserve the opportunity for a better life.

That's why RaiseUp Families provides direct assistance and financial education to parents of school-age children.

The information on this page will help you determine if you qualify for RaiseUp Families' HandUp Program, which all families must go through before becoming eligible for the AfterCare Program. If you do qualify, we hope you will fill out the pre-screening form today!
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Parents applying for our HandUp Program must meet ALL of the following requirements:
HandUp Program
Direct financial assistance
Job-search assistance
Support for parents and children
More About HandUp
Need Rent Assistance
Be struggling to pay rent and/or utilities in full consistently each month
Ability to Work
Have one parent in the household physically and legally able to work
No Abuse Issues
Not have alcohol/drug dependency or issues with domestic violence
Legal Guardian of Children
Be the legal guardian of one or more children under the age of 18 (or still enrolled in high school if over 18)
Agree to Self-Sufficiency Program
Will complete the self-sufficiency program, which includes employment, budgeting, and education goals

Our Process

Fill out pre-screening form
After confirming you meet the requirements, fill out the online pre-screening form today.
If you qualify for our services, we will contact you for an interview to see if we are a match for your needs.
Receive assistance
Qualifying clients will receive financial assistance and be equipped to become self-sufficient.
Confidently provide
After graduating our program, you will be ready to provide a stable home for your family with your higher income and budgeting skills.

Please Read Before Applying:

We ARE NOT an Emergency Assistance Program. If you need immediate assistance please visit the United Way or call 211
We ARE NOT able to assist those who are already participating in a RENTAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM such as Section 8 or public housing.
If you need help filing an eviction stay, visit the Houston Bar Association for help.
Fill out Pre-screening Form

Pre-screening Form

Families applying to join the RaiseUp Families Program must meet all of the following qualifications.

Helping parents achieve self-sufficiency so they can lead their kids to a brighter future!
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