This page is dedicated to providing information and inspiration to all those seeking a brighter, more financially secure life for their families and themselves.

We are so excited to have launched “Motivational Mondays” specifically tailored to you, OUR CLIENTS.  We know it is not easy to ask for help.  Our 9-Month Hand Up program requires a lot of work and we are dedicated to helping you every step of the way.  We don’t have to take our lives in huge chunks.  We just have to make it to the next moment, the next minute, the next hour or the next meal.  If we take life in bite size pieces, everything comes together.  When you are feeling defeated, simply ask yourself, “CAN I JUST MAKE IT TO THE NEXT…?”

Since inception, RaiseUp Families has partnered with other organizations to ensure our clients have access to every tool and resource they need to find success both in our program and in their lives.  It is our sincere hope for every client that we are the last assistance they will ever need.  While we excel at what we do – stabilizing a family- we rely on others to help our clients reach even greater heights.

Take control of your money!
RaiseUp Families is excited to partner with Banzai and Independent Financial to assist our clients with in-depth lessons to help with the financial topics you care about.

With the tools provided through our partnership Regions Bank and  Banzai you can explore a range of in-depth financial lessons to get you on a path to meet your financial goals.  Whether looking to get out of debt, build your budget, clean up your credit, or buy a home, these resources should provide you with valuable information. 

Spring Branch Be Well Collaborative
RaiseUp Families is a member of the Spring Branch Be Well Collaborative. For information on our partner organizations offering a variety of services, please visit our Be Well Collaborative Sites.

Rose’s Recommendations!

The Budget Mom

RaiseUp Families is a place where relationships are formed and families come together.  When families first join our program they often feel alone.  Our goal is to provide programs allowing you to meet others who are going through the same struggles or feeling of defeat you may be feeling.  From summer camps to parenting classes, we work hard to assist our families with more than just financial needs.  We believe that by providing peer support groups it creates a sense of community within our families.  Please visit our EVENTS calendar to stay up to date on what’s happening at RaiseUp Families.